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Wait, what's World Gaming, you ask?

Virgin video game gambling gambling in us

But if you want to wager on the Web that you can win a video game, you can stay put. Virgin Group is getting into agme Internet video game tournament business, which is legal in all but 11 states because the video games are considered games of skill, not chance. The new Virgin Gaming Web site, to be announced on Tuesday at the E3 video game industry show here, gives console video game players the chance to win large cash prizes for beating others at well-known PlayStation 3 virgi Xbox games like Vidoe 3 and FIFA Virgin Gaming, and its competitors like BringIt.

The companies make money by taking service fees, a percentage of the winnings off the top. The company is converting the WorldGaming. Virgin Gaming is aiming its site at video game enthusiasts who typically are young adult men virgin video game gambling limited financial obligations.

And that has some industry observers worried. I am incredibly skeptical that this will work. Because it is easy to foresee a video game player losing thousands of dollars a year, Virgin Gaming has imposed several financial safeguards. To deter cheating, Virgin Gaming will determine the winner of each game automatically. View all New York Times newsletters. To ensure that players are evenly matched at Virgin Gaming, skills are judged after several opening matches.

People who are active on the site also win points redeemable in the Virgin online store for Virgin America airline tickets and console accessories. Game play for cash is not likely to remain an Internet activity, played strictly on home PCs and laptops. Industry observers say they expect similar offerings to soon be available on portable devices.

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Virgin: Betting Big on Head-to-Head Console Gaming for Cash (Q&A) . just get addicted to playing video games, and it consumes their life. But when we looked into it we realized that video games are games of skill, and skill-based gambling is legal. [Potential investors] were. Gambling On Games: Capcom & Virgin Gaming Bring Betting To Games Think Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Virgin Gaming, Xbox The video game industry has gone from a mole hill to a mountain in no.

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