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Lately I have dumped a lot of money in the gambler in mapwork, hoping to get some uniques or set items. But so far I got none unique, and only 1 set item that I already have and can buy from blacksmith. I wonder if there is any "trick" to tell if a piece would be exceptionally good? Buying everything each time drains my money too fast There was a bug before with gambling, but I think they fixed gambling torchlight. I started buying things with prices above a certain threshhold but I am not sure if the prices are randomized or not in testing buying out lots of items available it seems somewhat related but not an exact science.

You should save your online gambling new for enchanting. Most items that are the same, sell for around the same amount. Those are normally uniques. Some blues, such as ttips with 4 sockets, sell for that much to, but the more expensive, the higher the chance that it is unqiue.

Buy the one. There's something you can illegal on line gambling with the buyback tab, like dragging the item to it or some such, and it will show you what it is, but that's cheating in my book.

Uniques or better then average rares tend to break the order by price, for example 5k 5k 4k 7k 4k Its not always true but something to consider if you are on a low budget: I think they not only get rid of the red crosses that helped u but also decreased the chance to get uniques. Tiips I am only gambling for weapons and only after leveling up 10 times or so.

Check out a video I made: Just like real life Why would there be a trick to gambling? Do you know what gambling means? Do you know what Casinos are and why they're rich? You have a Essentially, the drop pool is Since there's NOT enough slots for items.

Only real trick left is backup a character and buyout the gambler stash the uniques re roll till broke and place the old file with the gold back and repeat. Price checking will up your odds but that's still a gamble as intended.

Our World is riddled with Cheats and Frauds good thing they downloaded Rapid Respec roulette for beginners i would gmbling keep trying to accept their quest! There IS still gambling torchlight way to improve your odds with gambling.

Runic failed to catch that the item value is static for uniques. When it comes to rings and amulets, most of them have a non-zero value in their last digit. That is, if you see rings that cost, and to gamble, the is likely to be a unique. This also doesn't seem to work with armor pieces. They should change the gamblong of gambling to be a torcjlight amount based inauguration online viewing your level and the item slot.

So all rings cost for example, regardless what its true value might be. Firstly, I look at the prices of all the items in a certain type of item. For example, I might see that there are three polearms selling. If two of them have exactly the same gxmbling, I ignore those and purchase the polearm with the different price tag. If there are multiple items with varying prices within the same item type, I purchase the most expensive one.

The real trick is learning to farm gold quickly, and re-rolling LAN worlds. That reminds me of my favorite exploit. So you sell it to a vendor than "steal it" back from the buyback menu. Need g for that enchant? Sell your goldfish 30 times tipd you got it! The previous patch fixed that I just buy the guy out. It usually yields anywhere from 5 - 9 uniques.

Well, I know one trick nobody mentioned Even though they removed the red X's you can still see if it's possible to equip the item by dragging it over to it's relevant inventory slot. If it highlights that inventory slot red you can't put it there, if it's yellow then you can. So, they really didn't fix that little gambling torchlight of cheese very well when they removed the X's. I'd go report this as a bug, but it's really nothing major and it gambling blocking software free kinda funny to find.

Gambling is cheesy in other regards anyway though, as other people have mentioned above. Sign In or Register to comment.

Torchlight 2 Exploit Gives You Unlimited Unique Items For Free! - Duros the Blade, Gambler Glitch. Every time you reload Torchlight from the dashboard, the gambler will Advanced tips: 1. Go to Torchlight Armory and look at the equipment. Lately I have dumped a lot of money in the gambler in mapwork, hoping to get some And in Torchlight 1 there is at least one trick that set question (s) — Runic Games Forums.

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