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Will a roulette system work? However, a game with zero edge for the house is something impossible, and in fact the lack of a mathematical edge is this type of Roulette is balanced by some hidden rules. Although there is a debate about making money on an electric wheelIMO you might fare better on a real N Wheel with the zero.

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Casino Video Poker Forum: Casino Sports Betting Forum: As the titles orulette. What system do you think its better for a no zero wheel? Betvoyager no zero roulette is a scam. Ulysses Perseverant Member You could try it on non zero in fun play and see if you like it. Loving the system above for now, but could all change for the worse at the drop of a hat.

Although there is a debate about making money on an electric wheelIMO you might fare better on a real Roulette Wheel with the zero. Im not sure i understand. Its rng roulette at betvoyager. Many here at VLS believe that RNG electric software roulette is not a "real" roulette wheel no moving partsjust graphic images that can be manipulated by the casino against you. To answer your original question about what's the best system for RNG roulette, Ulysses above knows his way around RNG roulette and has two systems sexual roulette youtube may be of interest.

Both no zero roulette strategy based on combinations of RNG biased numbers that tend to win more than the others. You end up with Overall, if you do the math, the odds are still better than a single zero roulette wheel. They use TRNG true random no zero roulette strategy generation and have been, in my experience, legitimate bo far.

I used them and asked people who do use them about their experience and can confirm that there simply is no sign of any "manipulation" and they pay out your winnings smoothly. Allin Perseverant Member I hope you understand that. There is no difference if you play zero or non zero wheel.

At least with a live real wheel, you have physics to aid you in reducing the house edge and a friendly cropier to talk with while you play. Im playing testing almost a month using hammys system hxxp: Real money but with small bet and im winning every day. The last 2 days im "chasing" the dozens and it seems its working good.

Keep your stakes low and drip feed your profits, soon you will have zedo own well, thats if you can keep your cool for another 2 years or so. It seems a bit of a cheek confiscating a portion of your winnings. On the other hand it could be just a marketing tactic to pull in more roulette players, making the player think he will have a massive advantage when really its only a small advantage gained.

I wonder what casino will bring out the first 35 pocketed land based real roulette wheel with legal gambling forum same 35 to 1 straight up odds. Ulysses on December 19, Proofreaders on December 19, I have had a long time testing my dynamic differential bet.

It isn't super hard to understand, handles the streaks of roulette very nicely not to mention the chops! You will need to set your own win targets, william hill fernando torres is what I am working on this very evening. The system roulettte posted here at the sister site: I just don't need to join any more forums.

I am trying to stay active with what I have got right now and it takes a lot william hill cristiano ronaldo time to be rouletfe in all of them thanks.

Its a true fact. Colors balance each other. I started using a simple strategy, on no zero roulette. Bet one unit on red. If you win, bet on the other. Brilliant and simple No Zero Roulette winning strategies to put you on the map of gambling legends. Betvoyager is an online casino that boasts it provides “no zero roulette”, in attempt to This is explained in detail at

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