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This speaks a lot about the company and how ready it was and still is to gamnig the online gambling industry, especially gambling dice game live gaming niche. Their game interface offers amazing stats of past spins. Recorded game demo video clip European roulette in '3D View' Selected from the tools menu bottom right, this view allows players to view the game as if sitting at the roulette table.

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Evolution gaming is not an online casino. SSthat provides live dealer casino games to online casinos. The games are developed and run by Evolution. The live dealers are hired and trained by Evolution. The video production of the live game, including the studio decoration, the lighting, the cinematography and camera angles, is managed by Evolution.

The game results, payouts and past spin stats are controlled by Evolution. The game interface and underlying software are developed by Evolution. However the Evolution games are offered to the players NOT by Evolution, but by online casinos that feature the Evolution live casino platform. Evolution sells their live casino games to various online casinos and not directly to players.

It is a B2B, business to business company, not B2C, business to consumer. Evolution has no direct connection to the players. Evolution Gaming Group has over 7 offices and 2, employees across Europe. Simply put, Evolution is the best live dealer roulette platform bar none. They focus almost exclusively on live casino games no games with 3D graphics and they dominate the live casino scene and especially roulette. Both players and reviewers agree on this. Every big online casino wants to have at least some Evolution live roulette games in their arsenal.

Evolution offer a great selection of country specific roulette tables with Native Speaking Live Dealers in over 10 languages: All dealers are very friendly and chatty, though the try to speak at all times, occasionally talking nonsense. In some tables the dealer changes the direction of rotation of the wheel after each spin and in some other tables the wheel is spun constantly in the same direction, presumably to save time and produce a faster game.

They also offer an innovative variation of roulette with two balls, the Double Ball roulette. Nevertheless, Evolution gaming is overall the best live roulette and casino software platform available today. Royal Panda is one of the few absolutely trusted casinos we can wholeheartedly recommend. Read our Royal Panda review for more details. The truth is that although Evolution labels many games with different names, in fact they are not really that different. Different game names most often do not represent any real differences in gameplay.

They are basically the same game, with just a different background or a different language speaking dealer. The following lists are posted just for reference. The names of the games are for the most part not really important and can change over time for marketing purposes. Russisch roulette video focus almost exclusively on live casino games no games with 3D graphics and they dominate the scene, especially in roulette games.

How good are their games? Top model class live roulette croupiers are dealing the game in Immersive roulette. You can chat and even flirt with them as long as you are polite. Three things separate Evolution from the rest: Their games are very well thought out, offer excellent camera angles and they show the wheel in full frame after the ball is spun.

In their famous Immersive roulette you can see some top model territory female dealers. More importantly, after each spin, they shows a slow motion video replay close-up of the roulette ball dropping on the number pocket. The slow motion video adds a lot of excitement, adrenaline, engagement and trustworthiness to the live game experience. Their game interface offers amazing stats of past spins. Many roulette players are obsessed with stats of previous spins and they often build strategies that require the analysis of past spins.

Evolution offers the most beautifully presented and the most extensive stats you will find anywhere. Their stats interface is designed with the passionate roulette player in mind. The best statistics of past spins by Evolution.

The Evolution platform lacks a true French roulette table with 3 or 4 croupiers and La Partage or En Prison rules, like the one offered by Authentic gaming. In their site they do mention a French live roulette with La Partage rule, but this game is often absent from the casinos that offer Evolution roulette games. It would be nice to also offer slower paced games where the player has more time between spins make their bets.

Right now the time between spins is like 30 seconds, which is on the fast side. A free play mode would be nice too. Multiple camera angles, zoom in and slow motion create an immensely engaging experience. Live roulette and casino game selection The truth is that although Evolution labels many games with different names, in fact they are not evolution that different.

For example as far as live roulette goes, these are the main types of roulette offered:

Evolution Gaming is one of the leading software providers specializing in video streaming of live dealer games. Evolution has all the standard live dealer games, including live Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, plus Three Card Poker, Mini Roulette, Casino Hold’em and much more. EVOLUTION GAMING Live Casinos have made an evolutionary change in the world of online casinos from the very first day of their release. Live Casinos. Evolution Live Roulette offers more for everyone. There are multiple game variants, the largest number of mainstream, VIP and native speaking dealer solutions.

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