Inrternet gambling ring busted

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Inrternet gambling ring busted truck hauling games online

There was some online casino betting as well as the sports wagers, he said. Thirty eavesdropping devices helped in obtaining the search warrants. The display even included a small pile of the suspects' gold and silver watches, taken by police on the grounds they had been bought with illegal betting profits. Fifteen vehicles were also confiscated, DiFiore said. Bettors, once they were established with bookies, could place their wages in any of three ways: Among those arrested was Adam Green, 34, of Manhattan, identified as the creator of the enterprise and many of its Internet sites and domain names.

Vandervelden said Green was "at the top of the food chain. Also arrested was Anthony Giovaniello, 37, of Hawthorne, N. Both were charged with enterprise corruption, which carries a maximum sentence of eight-to years in prison. They were to be arraigned later Monday in Harrison. A call to Green's home was not answered.

There was no phone listed for Giovaniello's Hawthorne address. Sixteen others also were charged, all but two with enterprise corruption; one was accused of promoting gambling and one was charged with weapon possession. Vandervelden said one suspect was a stockbroker.

The investigation began in October with information obtained by the police in Harrison, of Westchester County, said Harrison police chief David Hall. He said more arrests were possible. Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, and reformed hackers are often the only people who can stop their own kind. Instagram wants to make itself the "kindest" corner of the internet, but can social science and technology beat the trolls?

Comment Share Tweet Stumble Email. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Featured in SciTech Cyber Soldiers: White-hat hackers Cyberattacks are more inrternet gambling ring busted than ever, and reformed hackers are often the only people who can stop their own kind Is Instagram going too far to protect our feelings?

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Friday, Nov. 2, | 2 a.m. - The people arrested last week in an alleged illegal Internet gambling ring aren't household names locally, but. A Flagstaff business was raided this week in a big gambling ring bust. A total of 34 people and 23 entities have been indicted in an Internet and telephone illegal gambling operation, the Department of Justice said.

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