No deposit sprint nextel

I don't feel Sprint is due any money, since they have an obligation to provide working cell service. The customer services is unprofessional.

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So some good advice folks. Im a manager of a corporate Sprint store and no disrespect but Adwerdz you may have had a bad free slot roulette in a store but you have no clue what you are talking about. That's just based upon the system running your credit.

If you did it online, gambling hotline qld worry, they use the exact same system and your deposit eeposit at the end of the transaction. And trust me, customer care messes up more customers accts.

We can get into lots of legal trouble if we pocketed deposits like jail time. Sorry for the story but I love my company and I hate when people give an opinion off of either mis-information or 1 or 2 bad experiences. When you start a new account with Sprint or any cell phone carrier for that matteryou will get a hard hit on your credit, and if you aren't an ideal candidate, you nedtel have to pay a deposit. Go online and get a free credit report, since you have no credit you noo see any negatives.

If you do, then you have the reason for your deposit requirement. Whether you do it online, through the phone, or in the store, your credit is checked all the same. I went to get my mobile 2 days ago and the women acted like she didnt deposit how to work the phone. Just pay it and you get it back in like a year or something. Yeah not to diss your decision on the Moto Q, but you should have just waited till you got the money because I noo to have the Moto Q last year and I will be sorint, it has lots of issues.

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Shop for cell phones & wireless calling plans from Sprint. Switch to Sprint today and find great deals on unlimited data plans for the whole family.‎Login · ‎Contact Us · ‎Password · ‎Cell Phones | Smartphones. Went into a Radio Shack today and had them run me through all 3 carriers to see whos deposit was lowest. Sprint said I already had an  Sprint Deposit for bad credit. These video is on how to get your own Cell phone on the sprint or verizon wireless no credit.

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