Five finger roulette

The loser was the slowest—or the one who stabbed his hand or finger. You need to login to do this. A more dangerous game was just called the Knife Game, also sometimes known as the FFF five-finger fillets.

Five finger roulette the zen of gambling pdf

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The FINAL Knife Game Song he didn't edit that shit at all. hes fuckin good lol no joke. Read more. Show less. Reply 1 2. Sinan Ronaldo1 year. The knife game, pinfinger, nerve, bishop, stabscotch, five finger fillet (FFF), or"stab between the fingers game", is a game wherein, placing the palm of one's hand  ‎Popular culture · ‎Video games · ‎Knife game song · ‎Film. YOUR BRAIN MUST BE SHARPER THAN THE KNIFE ♢ Five Finger Fillet: The Classic Fingers vs. Knife Game where its your fingers vs. the knife. Also known.

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