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This ruling came as a complete shock. I also want to have tables for playing cards at the club. Also worth a mention is that AirAsia.

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In Tamil Nadu nearly all forms of gambling are prohibited by law. Unlike fellow developed states, in our state neither legal casino nor legal lottery can be found. The only legal form of gambling in Tamil Nadu is horse race betting. In this article I provide an overview of our gambling laws. Note that while we do have some residents opposed to gambling for religious and social reasons, an enormous amount of illegal gambling still takes place in our state.

This is especially true in Chennai which is the fourth largest metropolitan area in India. It is quite common for even wealthy businessmen to gather for high stakes flush teen patti games and to place IPL cricket bets. In rural areas cricket is also huge as is cockfighting, rummy and casino games. For this reason, I discuss the various types of gambling found in our state one at a time separately after first introducing our core gaming laws.

Horse racing is very famous and has a long history in our state. The official account is that in the government allocated acres of land in Chennai then Madras to be used to conduct horse races. This happened to be the land that Guindy Race Course still stands today making it the oldest racecourse in India. We also have a second track.

It has conducted seasonal races since it opened in It was mostly for the privileged classes. This closed in due to financial difficulties. By this time racing was very popular in India. However the most famous races then took place in Kolkata, then Calcutta, in what is now West Bengal. By the s several cities were hosting major races, and the sport began to become semi-popular with spectators.

During this first century and a half horse race betting had a mostly unwritten exemption from our state-wide ban on gambling. It obtained legitimate status when in the government moved to regulate and tax it with the passing of the Tamil Nadu Betting Tax Act, [C]. With it being the only form of gambling legal in gambling clubs in chennai state its popularity spiked to previously unprecedented levels. By the late s lawmakers began to take notice and there were proposals to ban horse racing.

It however continued until The Madras High Court would later stay the implementation of this ordinance and races resumed in In the matter was settled with the Supreme Court ruling on the famous case Dr. Lakshmanan vs State Of Tamil Nadu [2]. One element of this set the legal precedent that horse race betting be treated for legal purpose as a skill not chance. As most states, including ours, exempt such wagering from their gambling laws, this legitimised horse racing betting making it legal in most every Indian State.

As mentioned there are two tracks still active today. It houses about horses, has a 3 level viewing stadium, a banquet hall and 14 guest rooms. Here the season runs November to March with most fixtures on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Our second track is Ooty Racecourse which is located on the other side of our state.

This is a beautiful location not far from Coimbatose. While the scenery alone makes it well worth the trip, there are also some great races held here. This covers the current procedures and the types of bets that are allowed. As covered in a Wikipedia entry [4]there are many sports played in Tamil Nadu including cricket, hockey, squash, boating, swimming, tennis, motor racing, volleyball and archery.

There are also some in which the laws that prohibit sport betting are practically ignored. The most famous example is cockfighting in Karur. In Karur having roosters fight until one touches his beak to the ground, runs away, or falls unable to continue, is an ancient tradition. Although it was once banned due to gambling concerns, today major cockfighting events that see some to cocks roosters fight operate with court approval. While the police are on hand to supposedly prevent betting, this is almost never enforced.

People come from all over our state and other parts of India come to watch and bet on these cock fights. There are other sports where the enforcement of betting is not a major concern too. Jallikattu bull taming in Central Tamil Nadu is an example that is treated similar to cockfighting in Karur.

There are also times where betting against one another might be legal. Take for example the Chennai Open tennis tournament that takes place every January. It would however violate the anticorruption policy of the ATP. Apply the same example to South Indian sports such as Rekla race, Uriyadi, Ilavatta Kal and there are likely no consequences when the wager is between competitors. In most all other cases, especially cricket, the police actively work to shut bookmakers down.

Despite this, cricket betting is in huge demand. Yet our status in the league was put at risk over a match fixing scandal that saw many, including a team owner, arrested for betting. It is quite common to find articles online that call for making cricket betting legal. Their bookmakers often detect match fixing by investigating irregular betting gambling clubs in chennai. The demand does not change as already most Indians bet cricket. They just do so via hundi and mafia some of which are involved in corruption.

The match-fixing scandals makes games less enjoyable for the true fans too. Going after bookies drains our resources, where legal betting would mean massive tax revenue. While a strong argument to legalise it exists, cricket betting remains illegal and is punishable by up to 1 month in prison. The laws that apply to casino gambling have already been covered in this article.

The Madras City Police Act and the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act were first drafted in and respectively with the primary objective of banning casino games. Still the news is often covering illegal casino busts, and it is likely there are others that avoid police detection. Still, the laws are as I mentioned earlier in the article. Indians interested in playing live casinos legally will need to travel. There are only two states in India with casinos.

The easiest to visit is Goa. This is about a 12 hour drive from Chennai, or is a short flight. For the flights, Spicejet is often the cheapest airline and is priced around Rs. This of course changes often and promotions can be found. There are many casinos in Goa. The other option is Sikkim. If you prefer to travel out of the country, Colombo, Sri Lanka is probably most recommended. While it is cheaper and easier to enter obtaining one in advanced, one can also 32 red roulette obtained right at Bandaranaike International Airport.

Another place Indians can travel to without a visa is Macau. Entry is for up to 30 days and this is the largest casino destination in the world. Here the cost of hotels is very high. In their capital Phnom Penh there is a very nice casino named Naga World. Also worth a mention is that AirAsia. From here you can online kredit aufnehmen a very inexpensive bus ride KL Sentral, and another to Genting Highlands which has theme parks and legal casinos.

The hotels in that area are semi-expensive on weekends, but inexpensive during the week. Many Indian visitors will make an effort to visit the famous Hindu site Batu Caves, either before heading to Genting Highlands or before their return flight haulin online. The downside is that Indians are required to obtain a visa gambling clubs in chennai to bordering their flight to Malaysia.

This happened in when then DMK C. With that lottery had become billed as a good thing. Many however fell into debt, and there were fake ticket scams that deprived winners and also the government. In lottery was banned in Tamil Gambling st croix vi. During the year prior Tamil Nadu state lottery revenue was only Rs.

The ban came with little notice. In earlyChief Minster Jayalalithaa Jayaram delivered a house department notice that translated in English to:. From the time of her notice on, lottery in Tamil Nadu has been banned. Despite this, illegal lottery is widespread in our state. There are famous stories about Myanmarese ring leader Santiago Martin who is in charge of the lottery ticket smuggling rackets and has allegedly over 2, employees in Chennai alone [6]. Although he has been arrested [7] the racket continues.

It is very common to hear in the news that lottery smugglers have been caught, arrested posh pokies that the tickets have been forfeited to the state. More recently there have been news stories about e-lottery rings being broken up.

This specific law is the reason many major retailers exclude Tamil Nadu from their giveaways. Various promotions ran by Pepsi, Nestle, Sony and other companies that involve texting a code found on a purchased product for a chance to win a prize are available in all states but ours. This mentioned ordinance makes it illegal for companies to giveaway prizes to encourage purchases of their products.

The punishment for violating it is up to 3-years in prison.

CHENNAI: March 06, IST. Updated: March 06, IST Thanks for taking action and closing down the gambling clubs ” This is the excerpt. Chennai: The clubs in the city of Chennai have come under the police radar, with raids being conducted at different places. According to. At Casino Club, we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry and providing our players with the best online gambling experience on the web. So, sign up.

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