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Genuine Obedience December 11, Sehr abwechslungsreich und gut schmeckend, teils frisch zubereitet, gut.

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By Gospel Adventist Ministries. On June 1, Reflect on what it means to be in the presence of ultimate power, wisdom, and source of life. Begin by thanking God for all of the blessings He has already bestowed. Free signup bonus bingo is always something for which we can be grateful. Give Him the good, bad, and ugly about what is on your heart. Pour out your heart to God who loves and cares about you.

Tell God what you want and need for yourself, your family, and friends. Nothing is too hard for God. Proclaim your intentions to use your spiritual gifts to build up the kingdom of God. God has heard your prayer. Prepare to receive the answers that He alone can give you. Remember, we may not always get what we asked, but know that God has promised to give us what is free computer gambling games. On December 13, The authors of the Life Application Study Bible stated our galaxy spins atmiles per hour.

Even at that speed, it still takes million years to make one full rotation. If that does not overwhelm your senses, add one billion other galaxies into the equation. Cosmologists estimated the number of stars in the universe is equal to the number of grains of sand on Earth. Imagine the power and intellect involved with creating a single atom, and multiply that by the size and scope of the entire universe.

Biblical commentator Matthew Henry told us to contemplate the variety, beauty, exactness and accuracy, power, order, and mystery involved in the things of nature, and ask how the world could possibly create itself out of nothingness? His conclusion was that atheism is folly for the universe could not have come about by roulette mallorca chance. How can we deny the illegal gambling rooms of a God who brought all things into existence?

Meditating on the things of nature helps to lead us in the right direction concerning the spiritual nature of the universe. Not only did God speak through the prophets, but He also sent a divine emissary to live among human beings to teach us about the true nature and character of the creator.

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. The next time you are tempted to doubt the wisdom and power of God in your life, ask yourself is anything too hard for the Lord?

In my own life, I have witnessed God turning my burdens into blessings and my tribulations into triumph. If God allows adversity in my life, I can rest assured He has a plan for every problem that arises. I have been tempted to believe God is unwilling or unable to fix my problems, but even in these darkest moments, I am reminded that the God who created all things, and who sent Jesus to die for my sins, will work all things in accordance with His will for my life.

On October 31, How many of us have enough faith to take Jesus at His word and refuse to worry about food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and the balance in our checking accounts? When will we realize that money and possessions only add to nguoi dep dau troc online worries, and only God can bring everlasting peace?

Jesus never promised us that life would be easy or that we would be guaranteed everything we want in life. However, He did promise that God would meet our daily needs. In fact, Jesus gives us the secret cure for anxiety and worry:. How many of us have the courage to put God before our jobs, our family, our friends, and our own selfish desires? Do we really trust that God will provide what we need in all circumstances?

This formula will only work if we refuse to allow negative thoughts to rule in our minds. We must work to keep our feelings subject to the word of God. Money cannot purchase peace of heart, but trusting in the God who created the universe will give us a supernatural peace that is beyond comprehension. Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged— Take it to the Lord in prayer. Can we find a friend so faithful, Who will all our sorrows share?

Jesus knows our every weakness; Take it to the Lord in prayer. The Bible tells us to replace our worry with faith, and our negativity with prayer. God loves us and Jesus is our friend. There is no problem in the Universe that God cannot solve, and He sent his beloved son to die for our sins. If He is willing to sacrifice Jesus so that we might have eternal life then do we really think that He wants us to doubt His willingness to provide for us?

I long to give you some comfort and encouragement. I want to urge you to cry yet more vehemently, to come to the Cross and lay hold of it and vow that you will never leave its shadow until you find the blessing that your soul covets. Let us ponder the words of our savior until they sink into our daily consciousness: You of little faith!

Jesus commands us not to worry and to trust the Heavenly father, who feeds the birds and clothes the grass of the field, to provide for our daily needs. As followers of Christ, we should not allow anxiety to rule our emotions, and we should cast our worries upon the one who loves us enough to sacrifice the life of His own son for our eternal life.

On July 6, Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: Recently, a friend of mine asked me the question: The fact that Jesus claimed that He never knew them means that they were worshiping a false Christ. The False Christ will be preaching a false gospel that is contradictory to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. But what is the real problem with their theology? In these verses we can find the main reason why they had no real relationship with Jesus:.

Prophesying, casting out devils, and wonderful works of performing miracles. The main problem is that they were false prophets, preaching a false gospel, and were empowered by the devil to create miracles. The false gospel like any other system of false religion is based on what man does for God to merit eternal life. It is a system of self-righteous pride that claims that those who serve God are somehow deserving of a place in the eternal kingdom.

One of the most common ways that people fall into this trap is by placing conditions on salvation other than simple faith in Christ. The early Christians struggled with this when false apostles claimed that Christians had to become circumcised in addition to having faith in Jesus. Many Christians believe that they have to abide by a particular set of standards agreed upon by their church to claim salvation.

Making anything other than simple faith in Jesus a requirement for salvation is a false gospel and those who believe in a false gospel have fallen from grace and are under a curse. Do these verses scare you? Search your soul to determine what it is that you really believe about the plan of salvation.

Do you believe that anything that you do is an evidence for your salvation? Do you think that you are saved because you go to church, pay tithe, feed the hungry, give bible studies, go on mission trips, etc?

The only condition for salvation is to accept the free gift of eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ. Anything else is a false gospel and can keep you out of the grace of God. Please, give your heart to Jesus and accept the real Christ who shed his blood to offer you the gift of salvation—free of charge.

On June 2, How does anyone survive in this world full of sick and twisted human beings? Men and women possessed by evil demons are rampant and enjoy causing pain and suffering. Then there are people who drink and drive, and people who blatantly ignore traffic laws while endangering the lives of other drivers on the road. Not only do we have to worry about people who might harm us, but then there are natural disasters like fires, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

Disease seems to be gambling in spain everywhere despite our best efforts to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses that mutate into strains that are resistant to our normal methods of medical treatment.

The Bible says that there is only one source of safety, and that is the God who created all things. God is our shield against the forces of darkness who seek us harm. Unfortunately, God never promised that we would escape suffering in this lifetime. If God allows us to suffer, then we can trust that He will bless our sufferings with eternal rewards. Each of us has a guardian angel that is responsible for our personal well being Psalm If we are in trouble then we are guaranteed that our angel is fully aware of our situation.

There are two-thirds more holy angels then there are evil angels, and the holy angels are on our side. Rest assured, If God allows our suffering then He has a plan to turn our temporary tribulation into eternal triumph. How does any of us survive on this evil planet? There is only one answer: He is the only one that allows us to live in safety. We can sleep at night knowing our guardian angel is on post and diligently watching over us as children of the royal kingdom.

Christian Life Page 1 of 2. Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord? Do I trust Him?

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